Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement20: We Have Accents

David and Darren at Las Vegas, there ears wide open, you knew I had to do it. Welcome back for the next episode of Trekcast's Sci-Fi supplement this week more general geekery from us. A couple things on this weeks episode we talk about a great fan made version of the Star Wars special editions if you havent seen this version yet get out there and check it out. We also talk about some E3 gaming news, James Cameron's upcoming film Avatar, and Terminator: Salvation.

Well that's it for another great episode of Trekcast thanks for joining us for another episode and don't forget to keep sending us those subspace signals (emails) we love them, subscribe to us on iTunes, and give us some of those awesome 5 star reviews you know we love those, and remember to keep boldly going.