May 23, 2015

Episode 169 – Time Travel Angst

This week we're joined by the awesome French Canadian, Val! She recently picked up a PS4 and shares what it's like to go from Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox 360 to the next generation. This is the first time at the inn where we've heard first hand what it's like to experience cross generation games, and it's not a whole lot of fun for old gen console owners.

Ryan gives first impressions on The Witcher 3, he's 10 hours in and has scoured through the first zone on the game. While the combat and controls were wonky at first, he's comfortable and ready to see where this fantasy epic story is going. If you're shy about jumping into The Witcher series so late, don't worry, it feels like a standalone experience and new comers are very welcome.

Game of Thrones once again resurfaces as Ryan played through Episode 3. The only unfortunate part is that it doesn't fix the issues Jocelyn and Ryan have described in the past. More importantly though, this upcoming week is Splatoon week! Ryan will have new videos on his YouTube leading up to his review on The Gamers' Inn website Wednesday at 10 AM EST. Following that, at 7 PM EST on Thursday (1 hour before Game Night), Ryan will be streaming Splatoon over on The Gamers' Inn Twitch. Tune in and find out what makes this game so epic!

Finally, our Topic of the Week looks at Life is Strange - Episode 3. This is super SPOILERS in this segment, so skip if you're interested in experiencing the game for yourself. Mid-July can't come soon enough!


ART Ep. 113: No Fly Zone (feat. Alisaunder)!

On this episode of Azeroth Roundtable Ben and Jon are joined by Alisaunder to sit at the kiddie table and discuss a topic that has been plaguing the developers since November of 2013!

Kiddie Table Topics: Ogrim Doomhammer

Dev Watercooler: Itemization.

Polygon's Ion Hazzikostas interview.

Restokin's forum post about the flying news.


Show 124: The Heroes of Gold

Hey guys, It is just Kero and Reckles today, but it is a good show. We do a good discussion about why Reckles thinks jewlcrafting will get weird, Milling herbs, Zygor gold making (for a price), and farming Uldaman.

We also talk about Heroes of the Storm and the WoW Scavenger Hunt Contest.


Flume into Zelda

This week the guys discuss all things gameing including Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Oculus Rift and Nintendo Theme Park

Host: Paul Wheatley

Panel: Sam & Chis

Playing this week:
Paul: Assassin's Creed Unity £29.35
Sam: Child of light £15.99
Chis: Project CARS £59.00


Current Geek 54: Perma-Toys

Tonight, on CurrentGeek: Windows ten gets CRUSHED! Redditt gets all friendly and stuff. Simon Pegg ruffled some feathers. Marty and his 88. Where is Huell? We are putting lasers in space! How about that Orgim! Your thoughts emails and more!


May 22, 2015

Episode 102 – Spiders, Zombies, Oh My!

The zombies are back! This time they come with spiders! Ahhhhhhh! Stuff of nightmares. Actually this week we we have author Jason R Davis on to talk about his book series "Invisible Spiders". Seriously, zombies caused by spiders. Creepy stuff! Bob thinks it might give him nightmares. Check out the links below for details on where you can get Jason's books. Also you can get the digital (Kindle) version on Hatched free for the next few days. Read it like your life depends on it!

Zombie News-

New Zombie Melee Cabinet from In Case Of Emergency Cabinets

Showrunner Dave Erickson Talks FEAR THE WALKING DEAD

Watch: First Trailer for COOTIES, Starring Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson & Alison Pill

Why Has No Zombie Movie Made Use Of The Fact That Corpses Glow?

Topic of the Week-

Guest - Jason R Davis - writer, director, festival organizer and podcaster


Caught in the Web


The Dead Walk Fest

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WT245 - Truck Yeah!

WT245 - Truck Yeah! by


412 - The Instance: A Different Kind of Similar Thing

On this episode of The Instance, things are changing with WoW drops. 6.2 in the background baby. WoW selfies now net you some goodies. How about those Orgrim renders? Lots of Overwatch watching. Heroes goes open beta ahead of release. Anyone see the Cows in Diablo? Your calls and emails and more!


May 21, 2015

The Closet Geek 86: Circle Circle

On this episode of The Closet Geek: Hearthstone, Anime review, Geeky TV, Mad Max, Nerd Fitness, Warcraft, new trailers and more. Geeky Trivia: Games of Thrones Don't forget to subscribe, RATE, and REVIEW our show on iTunes and Stitcher

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Casually Hardcore Episode 308 - We forget to talk about Fury Road!

On this episode:

A big freaking gorilla invades our TVs
Agents of SHIELD dances with the MCU again
Once more unto the claws!
George wanted to write angsty teens.
Holy Crap, Mad Max flashbacks (not)
Oculus Rift coming! Supercomputer not included.

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