May 28, 2017

ART Ep. 218: Who you gonna call?

Ben and Jon take your calls and answer the hard hitting questions!


NC #629 Rogue Amoeba Gold Standard, Ricoh Next Gen Theta S, QA for All the Things, Security Bits

Bart and I pushed out a new episode of Taming the Terminal in both the Chit Chat Across the Pond Taming the Terminal feeds. I'll tell you why Rogue Amoeba is the gold standard of customer support. Then we'll hear about Ricoh's next generation 360 camera. I'll then go on a rant of all of the quality assurance work I've done for so many companies in the last few weeks, including AirPods, iPads Pro, iPad Pro keyboards, Ring video software and website, Apple Watch activity sharing, Screenflow and even macOS. Bart Busschots is back with a new edition of Security Bits. He explains subtleties of the WannaCry ransomeware that I've heard nowhere else, then he explains how Apple is going to institute a requirement for app-specific passwords for third party apps with access to your iCloud calendar, contacts and mail. Very important listening.


Official Season 7 Trailer

Welcome to Tyrion's Landing, part of the Gonna Geek Network.

We're a spoiler free podcast talking about HBO's Game of Thrones. It's the off season so we won't be talking about episodes. Instead, tonight we're talking about the brand new OFFICIAL season 7 trailer! 

I'm Jeannie Szarama, and joining me tonight are my lovely co-horts in chaos, Rachel Watson & Nikkie Duke!


ATGN 262 - Too Old For Willie

There's some serious conversation this week as Naki provides the details on the gunman at Phoenix Comic Con and Bachman has the details on the Alamo Drafthouse's female only screenings of Wonder Woman.  Chris also has the latest on John Wick 3.


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May 26, 2017

TV & Pen Names – Jackie Hern

Sometimes you just need to sit back and realize what is coming up. This week, Roberto chats with good friend Jackie Hern. They talk about Better Call Saul, the upcoming House of Cards season, and more.

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Host/Producer: Roberto Villegas

Editing: Daryl Walker

Music by: Chalkboards


491 - The Instance: Payload Delivered

Overwatch turns ONE this week, and we are here to see how that went, and how it should go moving forward!


Squealy McSquealerface

Sande returns with his bleeping bleep and we talk all the Mac News of the week and look forward to WWDC


Undeclared Wanking

Packed house tonight as we trawl through all the ins and outs of the Week in Tech.

The Tory's are going to tax your porn, Fitness trackers are ALL shite & Elon Musk wants an Electric Semi plus a lot more


TMS PM 1273: Grums

Lines are hard. Follow in my footsteps! Willie Nelson has some thoughts. Drug Addiction facilities can be tricky. Why are those pink? Jelly Belly confusion. Dan Dan the Table Top Man. Your Twitter questions and more on this episode of TMSPM.


May 25, 2017

#167 - Into the Nexus: “Missed Connections”

The latest Into the Nexus is here and Heroes of the Storm is turning two! The two year anniversary event begins this Tuesday with Loot Chest-awarding daily quests and new celebratory portraits to earn. Garrett and Kyle also preview this weekend's HGC Crucible, discuss the roster shakeups, breakdown HGC stats from this year, add their tips to the latest Core Concepts, and take emails from the ITN community.

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Into the Nexus is a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.


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