January 23, 2017

Show X - Episode 280 - Happy After Kopii Day

Happy Birthday to Kopii!!! Send her love.
This week, Ken's boss doesn't eat his dog, Wayne has been decidedly booring, doing house things and watching the anime Overlord and the new Lemeny Snicket series on Netflix. On a high note, he got to see Hordak!
Ken wishes The US's new president luck in his new job. Wayne recommends everyone keep their government on track and transparent. Ken has also been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender (Which is totally anime). He also teases us with the potential for an upcoming Ken Con in the US....
Ken and Kopii have continued to play more Trine 3 together. Wayne played some more LoL, but only ARAMs, and has been playing Tech Support. Ken played board games themed after Game of Thrones, played Paladins on his phone, and lot of World of Warcraft.
PC gaming is still strong and growing, which is showcased by the number of concurrent users that have been reported on Steam. Yes you can max level WoW without a faction. Yahoo's CEO is leaving as the company has been purchased and is changing names. Ken will miss her laugh.

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DTNS 2951 – A Medium level of Credibility

Why the Note 7s exploded, Google commits to Google Voice, and why we credit Facebook with things.


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TMS 1193: Dip them dots

The Skittles story goes deeper. Cold is the cure! Dippin Dots are awesome! Run, lady, run! You tased him, bro. Major Spoilers and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

Episode: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/304144589-scott-johnson-27-tms-1193.mp3

My Vape Does Netflix

The boss takes a well deserved break but the BIG Show continues with Wrighty. This week we discuss that you can get Netflix on practically anything and Anders is on warning.

Episode: http://www.britishtechnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/BIG_200117.mp3

January 22, 2017

WT: Make Space Travel Great Again?

New prez, new missions to Mars? What stances will a new administration take on NASA and deep-space exploration? Making waves on Venus. #JourneyQuest: The boys storm Diamondcity! Check out Andrew's new book Orbital: Station Breaker II. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weird Things."


Andrew: Andrew's upcoming Illusion XX

Justin: Sherlock

Brian: SModcast

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Episode: http://www.itricks.com/upload/WeirdThings012217.mp3

Tech Ease 65: Tech 'Er USB-C-Z

On today's episode, Windows 10 is getting an update for creators, Apple's being sued for not locking out iPhones while driving and Dell has a new external device that works similar to the Surface Studio. On our new What Grinds Our Gears segment, we discuss how gas station pumps could use improvement. For XP Boost, we dive into Matt and Shane's time spent with the 2016 MacBook and MacBook Pro. We also get some feedback from a Twitter poll and a listener regarding an app called Splitwise.

Episode: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/techease65/techease65.mp3

NC #611 Willow, Whistle, VPN for Secure Messaging, CrazyBaby, Cobra Backup Cam, Security Bits

It's an action-packed show this week. I recommend listening to the latest SMR Podcast, not just because I'm on but because it's a fantastic episode. We've got interviews with Willow about their wearable breast pump, Whistle's pet tracker and activity monitor, CrazyBaby's levitating speaker called Mars, Cobra's wireless backup camera on a license plate frame, and we've got a Dumb Question Corner from Uncle Bob about VPNs and secure messaging services. Bart brings us up to date with another segment of Security Bits.

Episode: https://media.blubrry.com/nosillacast/traffic.libsyn.com/nosillacast/NC_2017_01_22.mp3

Show #188: Let’s Make Gold Making Great Again

In this show Joe and Shinn about the last half of the 7.1.5 Q&A. Sorry no Patreon for this week but it will be on for next week.

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Episode: http://traffic.libsyn.com/mywowmoney/YWM188.mp3

ATGN 245 - The One With No Politics

Welcome back to your wacky weekend morning show where we take a break from the politically charged atmosphere.  This week there are not one, but TWO Super Dick Mode moments as Chris goes off on Marvel's new digital comic plans and Naki expresses has displeasure over the casting in Logan.  Anthony has the latest on The Rock's addition to the DC Cinematic Universe and Willie has the background on just how Logan fits into the X-Men movie continuity.


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January 21, 2017

ART Ep. 200: Big Smithy

Ben and Jon take some time to celebrate episode 200 in the only way they know how… By talking about WoW.

Episode: http://media.blubrry.com/azerothroundtable/mp3.azerothroundtable.com/ART_200_Final.mp3