Trekcast Episode 30: That was Awesome!

Here it is the next great episode of Trekcast so let's buckle up and go for it. This week we bring you some more great subspace signals we have been getting so many great responses from you guys so we thought what the heck we will just answer some more of your questions via all kinds of media whether it be email, Twitter, or Skype.

After all your great submissions we venture on over to Star Trek online for some video game news where Alicia reads us another installment from the Path to 2409, this time the year is 2386. If you haven't already check out STO's site they have a lot of great contests for beta keys and some great pics from the development of the game, this week also being E3 there should be some good announcements as well.

Oh and by the way, just got the list of all the winners from our contest with DVDGeeks (make sure you check out there great show) for season 1 of Star Trek TOS Remastered on BluRay. Thank you to everyone who entered and thanks again to DVDGeeks for making the whole thing possible, here are the names of the winners congrats.

Lee K. (Homewood, IL)

* Carol Y. (Tuscon, AZ)

* Sharon Y.(Mishawaka, IN)

* Keith B. (Asheville, NC)

So thanks once again for listening we have a lot of fun doing the show and we really do appreciate all those emails and five star reviews on iTunes so keep them coming and we will see you in a couple days for the Trekcast sci-fi supplemental.