Trekcast Episode 32: Cut to the Chase

Hello and welcome to the next episode of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast this week we have a very special interview with everyones favorite (and ours of course) Dabo girl Chase Masterson "Leeta" from Star Trek: Deep Spcae Nine. Also joining us is our super awesomecelebrity blogger from Hey Star Trek!Jerad "Coin" Formby pronounced "Quan" just so you know.

So our favorite DS9 siren sits down with us and chats about all the great projects she is working on including teaching at Homeboy Industrieswhich you should check out its a great organizationon that really helps out a lot of people. Also Chase has a great film called Yesterday Was a Lie thats been making waves at a bunch of film festivals and should be getting a wider release soon. You can also check out her great music and buy her great CD's including her latest release Crystal Anniversary: Songs from the Holosuite. Of course we wouldn't let Chase get away with without chatting about the great fan film production Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and of course her opinion of the new film as well.

Well we hope you enjoy this interview with Chase as much as we did and we will be back later in the week for the Sci-Fi Supplemental so until then I guess I'll just yell DABO!!! take care.

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