Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement18: Star Trek Slots

Welcome back for another Sci-Fi Supplement This week David and I discuss our collection of Burger King toys and glasses (beware the Kingons) also whats going on with the new Star Trek movie at the box office and even discuss some of our ideas for the inevitable sequel, or would we consider it Star Trek 12.

Then we invite fellow team of geek member Vernon Wilmer aka Seven of Sixteen into the studio to talk about the second episode of his fantastic documentary Star Trek: My Experienceif you haven't watched it yet or never made it to the Star Trek: Experience it is the next best thing to being there as he goes into detail about every aspect from the beginning of the Experience to it's unfortunate closure. If you cant get enough of the Experience check out Vernon's Photobucket here as well.

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trekcast and don't forget to keep sending us those subspace signals (emails), subscribe to us on iTunes and give us some of those awesome 5 star reviews you know we love those, and what are you still doing here get out there and go see Star Trek again Ive seen it 5 times now (how about you?).