Trekcast Episode 29: We’re All Ears!

This week on Trekcast we have an episode full of Trek greatness you know why? Our topic this week is you our listeners and all of the great subspace signals (emails) you have been sending in so we wanted to feature some of those great letters you guys have been writing us here at Trekcast.

We also have a great interview with Captain Karl from the band Warp 11, and if you haven't heard of them they were featured in Trekkies 2. In the interview we discuss there new album "I don't want to go to heaven as long as they have Vulcan's in hell" as well as some of our past experiences at the Star Trek Experience. And just so you know you can buy there CD's here.

Well that's it for another great episode of Trekcast thanks for joining us for another episode and don't forget to keep sending us those subspace signals (emails) we love them, subscribe to us on iTunes, and give us some of those awesome 5 star reviews you know we love those, and remember to keep boldly going.