Trekcast Sci-Fi Supplement 17: Bathing in the afterglow

Hello and welcome to the next episode of Trekcast we are back in the studio and we still cant get enough of Star Trek. This week on the supplement we update you with the latest on whats happening with the new movie and what it's done at the box office as well as our personal reviews, and what we thought of the film after we have had a chance to really take it all in.

Of course it wouldn't be a supplement without some subspace signals so we answer some of your great emails (thanks for those and keep them coming).

Then in some other Star Trek product news we check out a couple new games Star Trek: The Mobile Game and Star Trek D.A.C. Also a great new R/C starship Enterprise and Klingon Bird of Prey from Tyco RC that you can actually fly around and recreate the battle from Star Trek 3 it's awesome.

Alright everyone this is the last couple day's so enter now for this great give away brought to you by Trekcast and our friends at DVDGeeks. Here is what you need to do. Listen to there great podcast answer there trivia question, then listen to Trekcast answer our trivia question, and just so you know both questions are from the TOS episode Balance of Terror (watch it here) . Answer both questions correctly for a chance to win Season 1 of the Original Series (remastered) on BluRay disc. Click here to enter and for contest rules.