Trekcast Episode 28: You Know too much

Alright, I think we all agree right know its a great time to be a Star Trek fan and we here at Trekcast are bringing you all the latest and greatest with what's what (with Brandi T) is going on with Star Trek.

So in this weeks episode Jerad Formby our Hey Star Trek blogger and if you havent read his blog you need to, and Dayton Ward author of many great Star Trek novels including the just released Star Trek Vanguard: Open Secrets join us for this weeks topic Star Trek knowledge you probably shouldnt know.

Then we are joined by Andy Gore CEO of Quantum Merchanix who make some amazing products check out there great site. Andy fills us in on what QMX is up to and we find out they have procured the rights to make a Studio scale quality Enterprise from the new Star Trek film and if you didnt know QMX is responsible for all those great artist versions of the Enterprise check them out here, we also learn about some of there other great licenses including Serenity, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate as well as some of the stuff in Andy's personnel collection. Check out there great products, and I cant wait to see that Studio scale Enterprise.

So thats it for another great episode of Trekcast, thank you Jerad Formby, Dayton Ward, and Andy Gore for making a this another great one. Dont forget keep sending us those subspace signals (emails), subscribe to us on iTunes and give us some of those awesome 5 star reviews. Thanks for listening and make sure you Live, Long, and Prosper.