Trekcast Episode 26: Hot Roding in L.A.

Hello and welcome to the next exciting episode of Trekcast this week we attend the Sci-Fi Summit and with our mobile emitter bring you coverage from the floor of the show. But first we have a great exclusive interview with Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry he gives us his first thoughts on the all new Star Trek movie and what it means to him and then fills us in on the great stuff going on with and the Roddenberry dive team. Then in our convention coverage we talk to Lightspead Entertainment about some of there great sci-fi themed artwork. After all that great content an all new What's what with Brandi T. and an all new Klingon word of the day, we hope you have been studying your Klingon

The contest continues with our friends at DVDGeeksin association with Trekcast they present this great give away this is what you need to do. Listen to there great podcast answer there trivia question, then listen to Trekcast answer our trivia question, and just so you know both questions are from the TOS episode Balance of Terror (watch it here) . Answer both questions correctly for a chance to win Season 1 of the Original Series on BluRay disc. Click here to enter and for the contest rules.

So that's another episode of Trekcast for your listening pleasure the only thing that would make it better is if you were actually listening on Risa. Get ready for next weeks episode with some more con coverage and our Star Trek 11 blowout, thanks for listening.

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