Trekcast Episode 27: Voices and Minds got Blew Out!

So here it is the wait is over for Star Trek , and we here at Trekcast had our first meet up at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas (thanks to everyone who could make it) for the premiere, and we want to share that with you so we taped this episode as it was happening so here you go and enjoy.

Alright everyone this is the final week so enter now for this great give away brought to you by Trekcast and our friends at DVDGeeks. Here is what you need to do. Listen to there great podcast answer there trivia question, then listen to Trekcast answer our trivia question, and just so you know both questions are from the TOS episode Balance of Terror (watch it here) . Answer both questions correctly for a chance to win Season 1 of the Original Series on BluRay disc. Click here to enter and for contest rules.