S02 E23 - The Last Beers Of Texas

Our Texas beer series continues with Parish Brewing Canebrake wheat ale (actually from Louisiana) and Icon's Sorachi Ace, and then Saint Arnold's Sorachi Ace Dubbel.

To The Pint

Canebrake Louisana Wheat Ale

Jeremy - Chunky, sour. Seems that something is not quite right here. Funky off flavors. 2/10Gary - Crisp, refreshing, tastes like a wheat beer should. - 7/10Keith  - Has a layer of Louisiana mud in it. Funky taste that I can't get past. 4/10Rob - A little bit of sour in it, but to me that compliments it. Peps up the wheat. 8/10

Total Score: 5.25/10

Saint Arnold's Icon Sorachi Ace Dubbel

Jeremy - Nice malty aroma, very smooth for a higher alcohol brew. Not getting a lot of hops here, but I suspect they are more of a balancing factor to the sweet malt flavor. Spice flavor in the background. 7/10Gary - Looks good. Not getting anything especially appealing here. Getting rich malty carmel, but there's a off flavor; perhaps the hops? Probably would be better with different hops. 3/10Keith  - Not enough of the special Sorachi Ace hop for this darker beer. Blew their chance on this. As a Belgian is it drinkable. 6/10Rob - Something is off, almost like oil on water. Doesn't taste balanced. Nutmeg taste coming through doesn't fit. 3/10

Total Score: 4.75/10

Pint Taken

iOS 9 realtime adoption graph - at 15% in less than 24 hours
Lagunitas Sucks! A 50% stake in Lagunitas has been bought by, of all companies, Heineken. InBev and Anheuser-Busch merging? This would mean one company would control 50% of the world's beer production.

Half Pints

Rob: The Martian by Andy Weir.Gary: Longmire - The story of a sheriff in Wyoming.Jeremy: Beach House - Depression Cherry dream pop, reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, Julie Cruise, and Slowdive.Keith: iOS 9 - DO IT!!!

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