Trekcast Supplemental 24: Hear Hear!

Captain's log Supplemental (I always wanted to write that in a post) since you are glorious listeners have given us so many great things to talk about, such as trivia, what ifs, ideas for different topics, likes, and of course dislikes, we have decided to drop the Sci-Fi from the Supplemental and bring you more of your Hailing Frequencies and Subspace Signals. You may ask why, but we here at Trekcast just love including the thoughts and ideas you pose to us every week and we cant help but let everyone else listen to what you all had to say.

So here it is for your listening pleasure the Trekcast Supplemental enjoy and remember to keep on sending us your thought and your call-ins via Skype and you all know how much we love those 5 star reviews on iTunes. Also just so you know we have a new subscriber area that we will be posting some very special commentaries for various episodes throughout all the Star Trek series. So if your loving Trekcast and want more please feel free to subscribe and help us bring even more Trekcast to you. Thanks again from the team of geeks and we'll see you in a couple days for the next episode of Trekcast the Star Trek Podcast.

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