Trekcast Episode 35: The Next Estrogeneration

Hello and welcome to the next great episode of Trekcast, this week we discuss some of the topics you are discussing on the Trekcast Forums, if your not signed up yet what are you doing get over there and sign up.

This week we have some great Hailing Frequencies from you our listeners and even one from Romulan Ale our fellow team of geek member, admin on the forums, and resident of Ferenginar say hi to him over there. Then we also tackle one of the topics from the forums Women of Star Trek. Who is the hottest, who is the most able, who is the overall best Star Trek leading lady, my personal favorite Number 1 from the original pilot and also star of Star Trek: Crewa great comic from John Byrne and IDW comics.

Well thanks again for joining us for this episode of The Star Trek podcast Trekcast and keep those Communicators at the ready for the Supplemental where we talk about what you our listeners are saying about Star Trek.