Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement 15: Printing Latinum

Holy Star Trek, there is so much Star Trek going on right know we are bringing you another full hour long episode of the sci-fi supplemental. This week we have a great interview with Paul Simpson editor of The Official Star Trek Magazine, and he gives us the scoop on what great stuff is coming up in the Star Trek Magazine issue #17 is out now and 18 will be available the day Star Trek hits theaters subscribe here.

Then Jason gives us another great update from Custom Creations then he gives us the lowdown on the Hollywood collectors convention, Christopher Lloyd (Kruge) was there.

After all that great stuff get ready for the Path to 2409 from Cryptic Studios upcoming MMO Star Trek Online, Alicia provides you a great reading of

Trekcast with our friends at DVDGeeks present this great give away here is what you need to do. Listen to there great podcast answer there trivia question, then listen to Trekcast answer our trivia question, and just so you know both questions are from the TOS episode Balance of Terror (watch it here) . Answer both questions correctly for a chance to win Season 1 of the Original Series on BluRay disc. Click here to enter and for contest rules.