Trekcast Episode 25: 25th Anniversary Spectacular

This week on Trekcast and just let me say what an action packed episode. First off we set Jason the original co-host of Trekcast loose at H.M.S. Creative Productions and he provides us with a great interview, not only do these guys know Trek but they built it. Then in this weeks episode Alicia gives us a new Klingon word of the day, Qapla', and What's what with Brandi T, she'll be travelling to Genesis in style. Also Dayton Ward author of Star Trek Vanguard: Open Secrets, joins us for a convention update he just attended StarFest 09 in Denver, CO and gives us all the details.

Trekcast with our friends at DVDGeeks present this great give away here is what you need to do. Listen to there great podcast answer there trivia question, then listen to Trekcast answer our trivia question, and just so you know both questions are from the TOS episode Balance of Terror (watch it here) . Answer both questions correctly for a chance to win Season 1 of the Original Series on BluRay disc. Click here to enter and for contest rules. So thats it for episode 25 of Trekcast. Thanks for listening and remember keep writing those subspace signals and reviewing us on iTunes we appreciate it, and most importantly live, long, and prosper.

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