Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement 11: Major Butt

This week's Sci-fi supplement David and Alicia take a voyage over to Enterprise and they let us know there early thoughts of the fifth Star Trek series (I digg Enterprise personally). Then we open all hailing frequencies and answer some of your sub-space signals (emails if you didn't know). Including the Enterprises registry number NCC-1701 what is it where did it originate, we also answer a little more trivia from you guys. Then we bring you yet another instalment of Cryptic studios upcoming Star Trek MMO's Path to 2409 this time its the year 2383. Then we bring you up to date with latest Star Trek 09 news including Paramount announcing there intentions for a sequel and a new action oriented trailer. Lastly we will leave you with a couple of other little tidbits to keep you satisfied until the next episode of Trekcast including this great site that shows any ship in scale with any other ship, and Playmates launches the site for all there great new Star Trek toys. Thanks again for listening and writing those reviews and all the great emails see you next week for the next Sy Fy supplement (kidding).

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