Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement 10: Happy Endings

Welcome back for another sci-fi supplement this week we discuss some six degrees of Star Trek separation and we also find out which episode of TNG Data does not make an appearance. Then on incoming sub-space signals we answer your email questions and comments (keep them coming) on last weeks subject What If? Star Trek. Then in other things in sci-fi we talk about our favorite Star Trek series finales in honor of the last episode of Battlestar Galactica. That's about it for this instalment of Trekcast so don't forget to tell your friends, subscribe on iTunes, write those reviews and sign up for the Trekcast forum's so we know what you would love to here on future episode's of Trekcast. Oh and one last little bit of goodness for those reading the show notes here is the music for the third trailer for Star Trek 09.

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