Trekcast Episode 64: Casting Kahn Part 1

Hello and welcome to the next exciting episode of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast, on this weeks episode Jerad joins us as we embark on one of your favorite episodes of Trekcast the Create-Your-Own-Adventure Star Trek episodes, and we have decided to tackle the next Star Trek movie since the gang over at Bad Robot should be starting the script writing process soon. So we hope you enjoy our take on what we think cold be the next film in the franchise.

On another note I would like to thank everyone who emailed us regarding our trivia contest last episode, we had a lot of responses so thank you everyone who played and by the way your prizes are on the way as we speak.

Thanks once again for listening we appreciate you taking the time to let us bend your Vulcan ears and listen to our thoughts on this great franchise that is Star Trek, and just so you know you wont have to wait long for the next episode so you can hear part two of our Create-Your-Own-Adventure.

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