Trekcast Episode 48: Spocktoberfest!

Welcome to the next episode of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast the number one rated Star Trek podcast and its all because of you our glorious listeners. This week on Trekast its Spocktober Fest so kick back with a nice cold Romulan Ale, or Klingon Warnog or just grab whatever it is you humans enjoy while listening to Trekcast.

So of course you have probably noticed that we have combined the supplemental and the regular episodes into one super sized episode of Trekcast and now we are getting back to doing the Subspace Signals (emails) more regularly so enjoy our answers to your thoughts and questions. Also this week since it is close to Halloween we talk a bit about some comparisons between Star Trek aliens to modern Hollywood and literary monsters (I think the Borg are like zombies).

Thanks once again for tuning in and subscribing to Trekcast we really appreciate it. From all of us here at Trekcast we hope everyone will enjoy your Halloween and of course the rest of Spocktober the most fascinating month.

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