Trekcast Episode 60: Aggro Table

Hello and welcome to the next episode of Trekcast the Star Trek Podcast this week on Trekcast what are we talking about, Star Trek Online of course. This game is really the next generation of Star Trek (I had to do it) with an all new storyline as well as new characters ships and the ability to set your own course and explore the galaxy we all know and love. Since we also update you regarding any Star Trek: The Experience news we talk a little about the upcoming auction of all the stuff collected from our old favorite hangout the STTE, you can follow all the latest news on the auction here.

Then of course we also have our other great sections of the show Subspace Signals, where David, Alicia, and myself answer all your burning Star Trek questions. We also have Trivia with Damon or D'Mun if your playing STO and an all new Hey Star Trek form our friend Jerad so check it all out and enjoy this latest episode of Trekcast.

Once again I would also like to thank all of our listeners and subscribers for making Trekcast the number 1 Star Trek podcast we really appreciate all the donations and 5 star reviews on iTunes, and of course all your great emails. Also remember you can drop anyone of us an email with your thought via trekcast@gmail.comand you can also follow us on twitter, you can follow me @quarksbartender, David is @trekcast Jerad is @super_spock, and you can also follow Damon @DamonS23 and give him some trivia suggestions.

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