Trekcast Episode 59: Spam Suxors

Hello and welcome to the next episode of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast the number one Star Trek podcast (and thank you! for all those reviews on iTunes) this week more Star Trek Online we are loving this game and let me your humble Quarks bartender that this game is great, nothing beats hanging out with you our listeners in game it really is the fleet of geeks from around the world. So come join us on Star Trek Online and join "Yes Kill I" the official fleet of Trekcast.

This week we trip the rifting fantastic and read your subspace communiques and answer some of your burning thought and questions about the Trek universe and all it encompasses.  We also talking about one of our least favorite things and thats Spam, not the lovely stuff found in a can but the kind of people that Nausicans would be justified in stabbing in the back.

Ah and of course our freind Damon provides us with more of his trivia musings, we also discuss our ideas for bringing Quarks back let us know what you think of our crazy schemes.

All that and more on this weeks episode of Trekcast we really hope you enjoy it next week we will be getting back to the topic of the week with some Star Trek law and order, some of our favorite court room episodes of Star Trek until then we will see you on STO.

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