ATGN 022 - The British Bill And Ted

This week on ATGN, Peter Welpton (@peet2 on Twitter) stopped by to talk tech with us. We talked about the WiiU, and what it will do for the evolution of gaming. We also talked about the iPhone5 announcements, and how much that will impact the phone and mobile device world. Mobile Devices are ever changing, yet the Gaming Consoles aren't. Would you agree? Check out the stream and leave us comments to let us know what you think!

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Don't forget to check out Peter on twitter @peet2 or his web-site  Check out The Geek Out for all the nerdiness!

Next week's Rumble Pit pairs the main cast of Borderlands agains the main cast of Borderlands 2.  Leave us a message on Facebook and Twitter about who you think will win or call our Google voice 304-806-ATGN.

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This week's shownotes are available on Google Docs: