ATGN 012 - Who Doesn’t Like Making Sex?

There is a slight echo for the first ten minutes of the show and then I was able to cut it out. Sorry in advance folks.

This week our guest host is Trin, @TrinandTonic, our champion rapper and insight extraordinaire! She's been so awesome as to offer us an ATGN rap, which we look forward to in the future!!

The crew talked about Amazing Spider-man and the theories of the Mysterious Man in the credit scene. Naki and Trin discussed their love of Andrew Garfield's chocolate hair, and how Gwen Stacy is now an adorable kitten. Tell us what you thought of the flick!

We then got into The Rumble Pit, Indiana Jones vs. Malcolm Reynolds. It was a long, tough discussion, bringing in some comments from our Facebook and Twitter pages…but you'll have to listen to see who won out in the end.

Trin and Chris discussed the Mass Effect 3 DLC that was released, and if it was enough to pacify the enraged fans of the Mass Effect series. Adahy proved yet again that EA is a horrible company.

We also announced some new segments we're adding into the show! The Vault will be classic gaming, both Tabletop and Console, and if you want to join Naki in one of her adventures with this and you're in the Chicagoland area let us know! We'll also be starting Question the Crew, where we take on your questions! Send them along, we love to hear from you!

Our crew consists of

Chris @RoundTableNews

Naki @1nerdycupcake

Adahy @TheAdahy

Next week we have our first ever dual guest hosts of Jeremy Eden (@jeremyeden) and Dan Eden (@dan_eden) of EEK Theater Company! Our Rumble Pit will be a Battle of the Chosen Ones..Anakin Skywalker (before the suit) vs Harry Potter! Tell us what you think, and we'll see you next week!

You can leave a message for the show by calling 304-806-ATGN.  Perfect place to leave your Rumble Pit feedback!

The show notes for this week are available via Google Documents.