ATGN 010 - We’re Binary Now

This week sees the premiere of All Things Good And Nerdy Episode 010 - We're Binary Now.  We're the best podcast that no one is listening to!

This week we began the process of streamlining and improving the podcast.  This was done by introducing some new bits that will recur weekly.  The show began with the news of the week presented by the panel.  The news items were:

Naki - Details on the Xbox 720 have leaked and hit the web.

Chris - Microsoft Unveils the Surface Tablet.

Adahy - Why EA Sucks

While these items were considered the major news that wasn't what all of the discussion was devoted to.  This week there was a lot of discussion over the controversy regarding Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider game.  The panel covered topics concerning video gaming, movies, TV, comics, and even books.  It was a packed episode and we even went a little over for you.

That wasn't everything we talked about but its the highlights of the show.  The panel this week consisted of:

The Adahy - or @TheAdahy

Chris - or @RoundTableNerds

Naki - or @1nerdycupcake

This week also featured special guest host Karlyn, @karlyn_darlin.

Thanks to Karlyn for guest hosting, we really appreciate it!

It was a fun panel this week.  Next week everyone should be back and we'll have another guest host.  Remember if you're interested in guest hosting let us know!

Please note, some audio is used from the Neskimos in accordance with creative commons licensing.

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