All Things Good And Nerdy 007 - Show Us Your Kitty

This week sees the premiere of All Things Good And Nerdy Episode 007 - Show Us Your Kitty.  Want to know where the episode title came from?  I guess you better tune into the podcast!

The panel was all over this week in their discussion and a variety of topics were touched upon.    The big news first was the discussion of E3 taking place next week.  The panel took the time to make their predictions about what would come out of E3.  Some predictions were crazier than others.  It was also interesting to note that many game announcements had leaked already.  Most notable God of War 4 and a new Gears of War game.

The panel also discussed DC Comics announcement that Alan Scott was coming out of the closet.  From there The Dark Knight Rises was discussed, specifically the tiny hope that Chris Nolan and Christian Bale might make another Batman film.

It was also observed that zombies appear to be eating people in real life and this is all because of bath salts.  Sounds like it might be time to prepare for the Zombie apocalypse.

To wrap the show possible Iron Man 3 spoilers were discussed so be careful.  To be honest this was a fun and crazy show and the panel was all over the map.  It was a lot of fun!

The panel this week consisted of:

The Adahy - or @TheAdahy

Chris - or @RoundTableNerds

Naki - or @1nerdycupcake

This week also featured special guest host Trin, @TrinAndTonic or Tumblr.

It was a fun panel this week.  Next week everyone should be back and we'll have another guest host.  Remember if you're interested in guest hosting let us know!

If you only remember one thing from this week's episode, remember that some people just want to cut you.