All Things Good And Nerdy 005 - OP’d and Nerfed

This week sees the premiere of All Things Good And Nerdy Episode 005 - OP'd and Nerfed.  Want to know where the episode title came from?  I guess you better tune into the podcast!

The big news this week is the release of Diablo 3.  Since Chris and Naki have suck computers The Adahy was the only one to play while the rest of us drooled over the game in the livestream.  The panel also discussed the details about The Avengers blu-ray release and massive amount of deleted scenes on the disc.  Of course this then degenerated into a conversation about comic book movies.  The panel took the time to take a shot at Green Lantern and mention that not all comic book movies have to be dark.  It may work for Batman, but not really for Superman.

Moving on, the panel discussed Community and the greatness that was the 16-bit episode.  After a discussion about Dan Harmon's situation with the show we moved on to the Big Bang Theory and how the show might actually be hurting nerd culture.

The show wrapped by moving back into gaming.  Topics included Kickstarter and how that service is helping create games and then of course the latest news from Blizzard.  Finally, the panel discussed the rumor that a Lego Lord of the Rings game is coming soon.

The panel this week consisted of:

The Adahy - or @TheAdahy

Chris - or @RoundTableNerds

Naki - or @1nerdycupcake

This week also featured special guest host Andy.  He can be found online @Kapellusch or

It was a fun panel this week.  Next week everyone should be back and we'll have another guest host.  Remember if you're interested in guest hosting let us know!

If you only remember one thing from this week's episode, remember that some people just want to cut you.