Show X - Episode 272 - Working on a Quality Experience

Ken has updated his caffeine addiction this week with his coffee spreadsheet. He also met up with work mates for some poker playing. He then decided to eat some bones. Inspired by Ken's cooking, Wayne plans to host his own Thanksgiving dinner. Ken got to talk about some ethical penetration. He has also setup his studio so that we can now see his face as well as he can play with where he broadcasts from.
Wayne is on the hunt for a new vehicle to replace his old Ranger. He's been watching all of his shows again, including Flash, Arrow, and the new Gran Tour show on Amazon. There is also a lot of costume prep happening for the end of the year.
Ken is still enjoying his WoW time and makes himself a mount with monies!
Wayne is trying to recover from an attack by his Yeti, to ensure a more quality show for everyone. He is also very excited for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live action movie and has been playing several new games including Overwatch....
Is it worth buying the new Skyrim Special Edition?

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