Season 04, Episode 03

We are continuing the Samuel Smith Brewery series tonight with some of their stouts. Not all of us could find the same one, so we will do a couple of different stouts from Samuel Smith.

Gary, Jeremy and Rob are drinking Organic Chocolate Stout

Keith is drinking Imperial Stout.

To The Pint

Keith - Light for an imperial, but a very good stout. A little alcohol burn, even though it is only 7%. One of the best imperial stouts I have had. - 9/10Rob - Number one stout of all time. Delicious. Almost like a chocolate soda. Very smooth and tasty, and better as it warms up. - 9/10Gary - Like a chocolate bar. Liquid chocolate. Could use some more. - 8/10Jeremy - Chocolate. And chocolate. Quite good, but on the sweet side; could use some more bitterness. This bottle is way too much for me. - 7/10

Total: 8/10

Pint Taken

Netflix adds offline viewing to all plansGreat boozy holiday gifts

Half Pints

Jeremy - Glympse: share your location in real time
Gary - iPhone 7Keith - The Grand Tour on Amazon PrimeRob - Titanfall 2 (PC, Consoles)

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