Playing Make Believe and JF Dubeau – Galactic Radio

On this edition of Galactic Radio, Dave talks to author and podcaster JF Dubeau about a lot of things, including his books, "The Life Engineered," and "A God in the Shed."  Gregor and Corey from The Elsenerds podcast and Anessa from the Alien Invasion joins in on a discussion about what we played make believe as kids.   

Here's what else is on the episode.


Google's product announcements

DC is reviving Jim Lee's WildStorm superhero universe

Working title of Ben Affleck's Bat-man movie

The Hugh Jackman's next Wolverine film

Star-Lord will have a "sizable" role in Avengers: Infinity War

Netflix announced that their adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Space-X  is looking into potential sabotage as a factor in the explosion of the company's Falcon 9 rocket

Rocket company Blue Origin pulled off a double success this week

Movieman Minute - DOOMED-The Untold Story of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four

Pull List

Interview - JF Dubeau

Sci-Fi-Pedia - Raygun

ING - The Girl with All the Gifts

Applicably Galactic App Reviews - DuoLingo

Theme music - Monkey Warhol

Logo - Blazing Caribou Studio

Gregor Sprague

Corey Scott

Anessa Mooyeens

Darryl Johnston

Movieman Mark

Peter D Fisher

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