Show X - Episode 261 - Ken's Scottish Legions

Ken is hosting a Chinese edition of Show X, well at least the intro. Ken is continuing to be healthy by drinking mostly water, except on today's show, where he is drinking like a proper Scott.
Many thanks to everyone who is supporting the show and network!
Ken has contributed to the overall human knowledge by submitting his paper for his doctorate.
Ken got a little to entertained while working out at the Gym.
Ken has some choice words for those who take advantage of their license to drive.
Heading to the Geek Cred, we get some opinions on the new Battlefield 1 beta, check up on VtW Tumblr, and Ken's uptake in photography. Ken roll back in time in his Deviant Art days.
Then the WoW Legions discussion begins...
What makes a game "Pretty"?
Ken then stumbles through some news and articles to end out the show.

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