Show X - Episode 260 - Gamefest Fall 2016

Wayne starts things a little early today to cover Gamefest. He is joined by Da Biebz, BuckyMonster, . Wayne skipped out on some of his own LAN party to go to the Garfunkel and Oates concert downtown. He also has to leave early to get to a wedding in the mountains. The guys did run into some challenges in building systems... It is recommended to not build PCs when drinking. Many shouts out to Rath and Hydroxycut for traveling to check out their first Gamefest. As for games, Black Ops 3, Golden Eye Source, Battlefield 4, League of Legends, Evolve, Supreme Commander 2, and most notably, Mechwarrior Online were all played.
Wayne got to introduce more people to VR with his Oculus as well as blow their minds with the Leap Motion attached to see your hands in VR.
Ken joins for the second half of the show to catch eveyone up and have a bit of a normal show as well. He is starting his healthy swing this week. He will be eating and drinking responsibly in the future.... for now.

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