Show X - Episode 228 - A No Spoilers Christmas

A long time ago on an intertube far far away... Show X spends an entire hour not spoiling the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. But first, Ken does his manly duty of protecting the pub from a very drunken man. Wayne is still watching Supernatural and celebrating the holidays with the Geekiarchy group. Both of the guys had mostly geeky weeks. Ken has been playing a lot of Minecraft on Wayne's server, he watched some Stargate SG1 and some Christmas classics. Wayne printed a star for his Christmas tree and really just soaked up all of the geek cred this week with the Star Wars Marathon which led into the release of Episode VII. Wayne explains what is good and bad about the original trilogy and the prequels and how they all lead into the new movie. Without giving up any details, Wayne gives his impressions of the movie and his recommendations.

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