Show X - Episode 227 - Anticipating a war in the stars

Things are starting a bit slow today on Show X, but Ken is back and things are ready to get going. The guys try to get all preemptive on you by having everyone download the free weekend of Killing Floor 2... Unfortunately it ended at the same time the show did... Ken took Kitten Features out for quite the celebrity night for her birthday, out in Edinburgh. Wayne has gotten back to 3d printing and has a new mothership to show off. It is the hallowed week of the release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, and Wayne has managed to get a ticket with friends. He is quite excited to spend 20+ hours watching all of the previous episodes leading up to episode VII. Wayne and Ken both spent some good time gaming, Ken with Fallout 4 and Hearthstone and Wayne with Star Citizen, Call of Duty, and Killiing Floor 2. Wayne also stated watching The Devil is a Part Timer. Lastly, Wayne has a problem and it is crowd sourcing new technology... He needs to stop.

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