Season 3, Episode 1:

"Tonight is a night for Imperial Stout! Most of us are drinking Mendocino Brewing Imperial Stout. Jeremy is an idiot and sent his bottle to his brother, so he is drinking a Lagunitas Imperial Stout instead.

To The Pint

Jeremy - (this idiot sent the beer to his brother, so he is drinking Lagunitas Imperial Stout) Keith - That's got a nice kick to it! This is really good. Subtle flavors. Very smooth. Nice dry stout flavor to it; smells a little boozy but goes down easy. 9/10Rob - (drank half the bottle in one go) LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! THIS IS THE BEST STOUT I HAVE EVER HAD! I enjoyed it very much. Really smooth.  9/10Gary - Really good. Not too boozy. Flavors are a little too subtle for me. More burnt flavor than I like. That said, this is a great beer and I would drink it again. 7/10

TOTAL SCORE: 8.33/10

Pint Taken

Star Trek: The Next Incarnation - First one is free…. then you have to pay for the CBS service every month.Peter Jackson says "sorry" for the Hobbit - sounds like he didn't have much time to take over from del Toro.
Adele says "nay" to streaming on her new album. This provoked an interesting discussion… 

Half Pints

Adele 25BONUS PICK: The Suits of James Bond

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