S03 E02: Brotherhood ... We Has It!

We have a San Francisco beer tonight from one of the oldest craft brewers in the country, Anchor Brewing. Their Brotherhood Steam is a dry-hopped version of their classic Anchor Steam. Pint of No Return opinions on Anchor Steam are pretty divided, so it will be interesting to see how this beer does.

To The Pint

Jeremy - Weird bitterness. Not much taste. Not much going on here. Better than a Big American Beer, not offensive, but not something I would look for. 4/10Keith - At a big family restaurant, this would be the "fancy" choice. 4/10Rob - Is there beer in there? Two points for the can. 3/10Gary - I would choose this over Anchor Steam. Not offensive, not spectacular.  5/10

TOTAL: 4/10

Pint Taken

Loading Screen Game Jam!!!

Half Pints

Rob: Dominion - A deck-building game for iOS.Gary: Astropol - mellow alternative band. Good music to relax.Jeremy: Strava - keep track of your rides, runs, and walks.Keith: SleepTime - wake up at the best time for your sleep cycle.

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