S02 E17 Show Notes: Robazuma’s Revenge

Rob is back from Mexico, but has also brought back Montezuma's Revenge, so we are doing another BYOB show.

To The Pint

Jeremy - Go To IPA from Stone Brewing: Quite good as an IPA, and a very good session version. Good flavor and aroma. - 7/10Gary - Tough Love Imperial Stout (2013) from Crux Fermentation. Aged in bourbon barrels. 11%, but can't taste the alcohol. Nice coffee and chocolate. So good. Everything an Imperial Stout should be. Aged very well. - 10/10Keith - Imperial Black IPA from Genesee Brew House: Balanced, rich, complex, easy to drink. - 9/10Rob - N/A

Pint Taken

Google Photos - unlimited, free storage. The key word here is storage. 16MP limit to uploads, and currently no real social features.

Half Pints

Jeremy - Capitals: a word battle game for iOSGary - Mumford & Sons Wilder MindRob - N/AKeith - Outlook app for iOS: the best mail app on iOS. Formerly Acompli.

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