S02 E16 Show Notes: BYOBobless

Rob is on vacation, so we are doing a BYOB show.

To The Pint

Jeremy 1 - Great White by Lost Coast Brewing: Kind of boring. I like witbeers with more German/Belgian notes. 5/10Jeremy 2 - Equinox by Lagunitas: Mmmm hops! 8/10Gary 1 - Habanero Sculpin IPA: Really liking this beer. 9/10Gary 2 - Deschutes Pine Drops: Bitter aftertaste really coming through. Really refreshing, lots of pine. 8/10Keith - Drake's Brewing Company Hopocalypse (Green Label) DIPA:  8/10Rob - N/A

Pint Taken

Get me a venti IPA with no whip! Starbucks tries to attract customers by serving alcohol and food.Russia wants to develop alternatives to closed mobile OS's. Would you trust RussiOS?National Cougar Juice Day - raise a glass of Chardonnay

Half Pints

Jeremy - Alex Sturrock, London street photographerGary - RunPee: This app tells you where to leave a movie to pee, and won't miss much.Rob - N/AKeith - Verizon wireless - hooked Keith up with a good dealKeith Pick Two - Jeremy Brooks street photography

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