Show X - Episode 225 - Prepping for the Holidays

Ken is having a wonderful day today as he jams his way into another episode of Show X. It is the Christmas season everywhere else in the world, while the United States struggles to wait until after their Turkey Murder day to start the celebration. Ken is especially excited because of all of the great food that Christmas brings about as he only remember significant moments in food. Ken is tyring to get into his winter routine of starting to exercise, that way he can do a Tough Mudder with his family and friends.
Ken is also enjoying his freedom of speech being a university professor and having people around him that enjoy stimulating conversation and debate. Go figure, this completely derails the show as Wayne gets all huffy about people being offended.
Wayne has consumed some fun media this week with the Marvel/Netflix release of Jessica Jones and the last Hunger Games movie.
Scribble and Kopii let us know their geek cred this week, both lovely ladies are extremely talented at creating geek artwork. Wayne is working his ninja arts with light sabers, games a bit in the Blizzard beta for Overwatch, and the chaos of Rocket League, while Pawz continues to rep it for VtW in Black Ops 3. Ken surprisingly didn't play Clicker Heroes, but that is because he spent all of his time updating his website and playign Fallout 4.

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