Show X - Episode 184 - Finally, A Day to Ourselves, Ken enjoys his Wayne time

Wayne and Ken are skipping a week of having guests so that they can catch up on everything they have been doing as well as some internet news. Wayne starts the show by talking about his free day at the zoo, chasing people with cameras. Ken tells us about his experiences in Amsterdam, including enjoying all of the local qusine and really how well someone could enjoy an enhanced experience eating their way through the streets.

Wayne earns some Geek Cred this week by playing games witht he guys from Battlefield Friends and is feeling extra special due to a retweet by Totalbiscuit. Ken gets organized in his office by cataloging his office's coffee intake.

In the Geekoscope, the FCC is looking at how to regulate the internet in the US. They have raised what it means to be called "Broadband" and are looking at possibly reclassifying the internet as a title II utility similar to electricity and water. Sony Online Entertainment is no longer running MMOs, Canon has released new high end cameras, GTA V is being designed to correctly run on the PC, and teens are watching Porn on the internet!

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