S02 E07 Show Notes: Pliny The Elder and Spider-Man

Tonight we are drinking one of the holy grails of IPA's, Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing. 

Jeremy - One of the best beers you can buy. Lots of pine and citrus balanced by the malt. Perfect. Even two months after bottling, it is a fantastic beer. 10/10Keith - Balances the citrus and pine flavors with each other, and with the malt. Does it like no other. I would rate higher than 10 if I could. 10/10Gary - Easy 10/10. Not "the best IPA" because there is no such thing. For my money, this is the IPA that I would drink if I could only pick one. 10/10

Total score: 10/10

Pint Taken

Spider-Man - Sony is going to allow Spider-Man back into the Marvel Movie Universe. Hollywood Reporter and Digital Trends report on it, among many others.

Half Pints

Keith - Vine: 
Jeremy - Detour: iOS app for guided walking tours. Beautifully produced, with stories told by people who know the places they are talking about.Gary - 1010: A puzzle game. Place blocks, complete rows. Go as long as you can.

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