The Geek I/O Show: Episode 91 - Jawbreaking Candy Balls

This week on The Geek I/O Show, we geek out about the week of geek while CJ takes a bite out of the big apple (and tries not to freeze).
We discussed getting the full New York experience, the superload, consuming all of the IT crowd, baggage check Master Sword, bringing out The Internet, the disappointing Midtown Comics, That Guy...Who was in that Thing, I know that Voice!, Epic Eric isn't that epic, fine young candy balls, there is only one Google, I didn't know you were high, super roll, and a Big Hero 6 spoiler explosion!  Plus!  A slightly gayer Justin Beiber!

Join us on The Geek I/O Show, won't you?  You know it's in my Moleskine.