New Live Shows!

Please welcome these fine new shows that will be streaming their shows LIVE on Alpha Geek Radio and Alpha Geek Video!

Sundays at 6PM Mountain on Audio Channel 2 and Video Channel 1:

Tech Ease is a podcast about simplifying our lives, one gadget at a time. Each week, Tony, Matt and Shane look for different ways that technology is enhancing our lives around the globe, as well as our own personal experience.

Sundays at 12PM Mountain on Audio Channel 1 and Video Channel 1:

Show X is a technology and video games inspired podcast hosted by Wayne and Ken. A friendly community has been built around Show X who listen in live on Sundays at 2pm EST and 7pm GMT. Show X is comprised of segments dedicated to discussing games and technology, our experience in geekery for the past week, and as always our wide and varied tangent section: Dysfunctional Deviations.