About Alpha Geek Media

Alpha Geek Media is an association of independent Internet Radio hosts, Podcasters, and Video casters dedicated to advancing the cause of Geek Culture in all of the marvelous forms that it takes.

At Alpha Geek Media, we are big believers in the value of streaming content to a live audience. We think that the participation of live audience members during the creation of a show elevates the show to a new level, something that is missing when a creator records directly to podcast. Our network is all about connecting creators to their audience, on whatever device or platform the audience member has at their disposal.

In addition to regularly scheduled talk radio shows and a 24/7 music channel run by Coverville, the network also provides live streaming of annual conventions and shows such as w00tstock, PAX, and Nerdtacular.

The network streams 24/7 on all channels, with recent repeats of episodes playing whenever a live show is not on the air, so there is always good, nerdy content available whenever you may tune in.

The schedule of live shows can always be found HERE.

Alpha Geek Media is supported entirely by donations from show hosts and listeners. If you wish to add your support to the station, please click HERE.

If you have questions about Alpha Geek Media, please email info (at) alphageekradio (dot) com

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