S04E16: Bengali

Tonight we head to the East Coast for some Bengali, an IPA from Sixpoint Brewing.

To The Pint

Brewery: Sixpoint Brewing
Beer: Bengali
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.5%

Keith - They nailed this IPA. - 8/10
Jeremy - Lots of fruit in the nose. Lots of grapefruit and pine up front, then a nice bitterness. Solid malt, with a long finish. - 9/10
Gary - Better than the Resin. Great beer. - 8/10

Total: 8.3/10

Pint Taken

What's the next big style for beer?Mapping American craft beer in 2017.

Half Pints

Jeremy - "Let Them Eat Chaos", new album from Kate Tempest. Or, watch it on YouTube.
Gary -  Spiderman: HomecomingKeith - Hearthstone on the Lenovo X1 Yoga

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