Episode 297, “Model-T Borg”

Special guest Cara (@Xandara) fills in for Darrell!


Discovery says lots of Klingons and Game of Thrones-type deaths.

Don't get too close to the characters.

Follows the GoT/WTD model, but is this good?

I say, let' discuss!

Kate Mulgrew at DCC


"There's very little of that 7 years that I didn't love… except the technobabble."


Aron Eisenberg on Twitter

How to break up: Star Trek style

I'm sorry, but the easiest way is to ask her to chew your food for you. Trust me.


Armin Shimerman on Twitter

Been absent for awhile.But I do have a proud announcement. I am the newest Shakespeare professor at the University of Southern Calif (USC) !


Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What is the longest period of time that went by without u watching any Star Trek?

Star Trek in pop culture:


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Episode insight: Voyager S6 - Dragon's Teeth

Character insight - Quark

Subspace communications

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