Show X - Episode 298 - Northern Geeks

Wayne is in the great Animated North this week as Show X is hosted from Canada. Kur0 got Ken a sweet Doge runner game, Montero, he has finished teaching for the term, but is about to start teaching even more over the summer. Wayne is at Anime North again, he and Kopii help introduce MelonDreamsCosplay to some classic Canadian foods and culture.
In Geek Cred, Ken is throwing back to the original Alien movie. Ken is still trying to make his way to torment levels on Diablo III. He is looking forward to playing Planet Base, and rewatched the movie, Unfriended, and started watching the Netflix show, Designated Survivor. Wayne is Joined by Kopii to discuss the geek of Anime North, due to the rain, everyone stayed indoors the first day and watch both seasons 1 & 2 of Voltron on Netflix. Wayne and Kopii spent the weekend as Brock and Misty from Pokemon. Many photos were taken and were taken of the group. Wayne put many people in line on his 3DS and rocked out to geek music. Amy shares some great insight into some niche anime.
Along with the anime convention life, there is news about a person at Phoenix Comic Con taking weapons to the convention. Many cons are now banning props, is this the correct response?

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