Episode 60: Hitler Dies at the End

Episode 60: Hitler Dies at the End


Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 60! I'm CJ "Betsy tough-love" Boat, he's Jarred "the American in you is so optimistic" Azevedo.


Audio Content from Darrell "the devil with the yellow eyes" Shayler.


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Man in the High Castle

S2E8: Loose Lips


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S1E2: Chapter 2

S1E3: Chapter 3

S1E4: Chapter 4




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Hitler Dies at the End

OG Nazis

Japanese Headquarters

I'm the Fuhrer now!

Nazi backpack

Internet Troll Personified

Updated David Bowie

Check your boobs

Afro Mick Jagger and his Creepy Eye

Knockoff Jeff Goldblum

The Angriest Little Blob In The World

Egyptian King and Angry Girl

70s Beatnik Hipster Weirdo

The coffee maker's voice sounds familiar

Captain Nemo and his Ice Cube

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