Episode 59: Batdad & Mama Hill

Episode 59: Batdad & Mama Hill


Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 59! I'm CJ "the yakuza will have to find someone else to kill" Boat, he's Jarred "a coincidence that is beyond belief" Azevedo. Joining us tonight is the one and only Rachel "Let me Quake you" Boat


Audio Content from Darrell "Lumber Midget" Shayler.




Today's shows are:

Agents of SHIELD

S4E15: Self Control

A Series of Unfortunate Events

S1E7+8: The Miserable Mill

Man in the High Castle

S2E6: Kintsugi

S2E7: Land O' Smiles


Other Spoiler Shows:





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The Miserable Meal

The Long Con in Matrix Land

Marvel's Man in the High Castle

Knight Rider v. Rob Dalton

Batdad & Mama Hill // CJB // JAZ

Dat Bass Doe

Americanize an Americanized Thing

Snake Clowns!

Barbie Nazi

Cry for Nazis

Nazi Hippies

Everything's coming up Juliana

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