BNN #40 - Convert to Raid presents: Backwards in the Forward

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Tattva (Line of Sight Gaming), Gizmo (Lords of the Storm) and John (Well Met, The Payload) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

15:20 - Gathering Storm Tournament Update
26:15 - 7.2.5 is coming! Death of Chromie
30:15 - Tomb of Sargeras, Morgan Day (Lead Encounter Designer for WoW) community interviews
43:15 - Class Mounts
48:00 - Overwatch: New map, nerfs
1:00:45 - HotS: New hero, Thrall rework, Bolt of the Storm changes, Diablo crossover
1:11:40 - Hearthstone: Deck import/export, Kripp "presses the button"
1:18:30 - eSports: HGC, Overwatch Contenders, Team8, WoW eSports page, more
1:25:50 - Outro

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