NC #627 12 Year Anniversary, 3 Chit Chats is Better Than 1, Akyumen Projector Smartphone, Cinamaker Multi-Cam Live Production, Security Bits

We have a huge show today. Steve's put out two more video interviews from NAB in Las Vegas, I've got a pretty big announcement about Chit Chat Across the Pond, and we've got another giant Security Bits with Bart Busschots. I told him maybe when there's such a big security news week we should call it Security Blobs!

There are five Security Mediums in this episode. We'll talk about a remote code execution built in Intel CPUs, Bart will explain what can go wrong with two-factor authentication through SMS, we'll cover the Google Docs phishing worm and how Google could have prevented it, we'll learn about how the beloved Handbrake servers got hacked causing distribution of malware, and as if that isn't enough we'll talk about the WannaCry worm that has indiscriminately taken down networks across the globe.